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Still a work in progress, this is an A to Z of Coventry Musicians. Please note there will be more names and their bands to go when the A to Z of Coventry Bands is complete. Meanwhile if your name isn't on here and it should be or maybe your friends bands or if your info is incorrect - let us know at hobozine@googlemail.com

This Blogspot forms part of the new Coventry Music Archive from Hobo (a music and Arts Magazine run in the mid 70's by Trev Teasdel). Much of the material was originally on Vox (which you might have seen)  before it closed. Here is a guide to where the other material is being reorganised to.

Hobo - Coventry Music Archives
Click the About us or here https://sites.google.com/site/bandsfromcoventry/ to visit the new Hobo blogspot for other archives.

Coventry Arts Umbrella Club
The archives of the Coventry Arts Umbrella Club where some of the Two Tone musicians started out and literary figures like Phillip Larkin Here https://sites.google.com/site/bandsfromcoventry/

Coventry Folk Club Scene 1970's  http://coventryfolkclubs.blogspot.com/
Will contain archives from the Coventry folk scene formerly housed on Hobo Vox site and pdf versions of Pete Willow's Folks Magazine from 1979 and articles derived from there.

Hobo A to Z of Coventry Bands and Artists
Meanwhile a huge A to Z of Coventry bands and artists can be found (again in development) here https://sites.google.com/site/bandsfromcoventry/


  1. How about my dad Ben Arnold? He was part of the Coventry folk scene back in the 60's. Cofa's Tree and Tavern folk clubs.

  2. Hi, Yes I will add him in now while i'm the site. The who's who is far from finished - if ever it can be - so many names! But i'm redeveloping the original Hobo site into separate bloggers so that all the folk posts are on one site and the a to z of band s on another and the umbrella club etc. It's a lot of work so was going to finish the who's who last. The new sites are in the top post on here and your dad is mention on the Umbrella club with a pic in a post taken from Pete Willow's folk magazine on the first folks clubs in Cov.He is also mentioned on the the original site in a similar folk article. There will an inclusion on the folk clubs site see the top post here for the link. Lots still to do! If you want to send any material on your Dad - happy to put that on. Trev Teasdel


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